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uva Extra-virgin olive oil
0,75 and 1 litre glass bottles and 5 litres can

"Lavagnina" and "Pignola" types come from vintage olive trees of strictly Ligurian origin; they got pendent bearing, thin branches with bright green lanceolate leaves. The productivity of these trees is quite high, early, with ovoidal long olives and an average dimension.
The harvest is done during October.
These varieties are usually harvested in advance in regards to its ripening, in order to obtain a first rate oil with higly accentuated features.
Uva's olive oil, sweet-smelling and intensely fruit scented, has a definite taste and for his precious flavour is particularly fit to be used uncooked, to enhance fish and vegetables, raw and cooked meat, pulses and vegetable soups.


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0,75 litre glass bottle
Euros 15,00

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1 litre glass bottle
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5 litre can
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Lavagnina and Pignola.

By hand, with combs and pneumatic shaking combs.

Cold continuous process. The olives are milled within 24 hours from the harvest.

Glass bottle, 0,75 and 1 litre; 5 litres can.